Response within 1 Business Day

When you submit a new job request we work to always respond within 1 business day with either:

  1. An estimated date of when we will have it done,
  2. An estimated date and some questions, or
  3. questions that we need answered before we can supply the estimate.

We also work to always respond within 1 business day to any responses or questions you have as we work on your jobs.  

Simple or Complex?

Here is what we estimate based on level of complexity:

  • low: 2-3 business days (broadcasts, importing, add a couple emails...),
  • medium: 3-5 business days (simple campaigns, landing page,...),
  • high: 5-10 business days (requiring more testing, 3rd party integrations, ... )

HOWEVER those estimates are based on very little time needed to review and/or revise, as well as, sometimes a job is simply huge and will go outside of the 10 business days. 

Generally we work to break larger projects into smaller projects, so we can deliver value in shorter iterations, as well as, it typically helps with communication.

#1 though is GIVE yourself time to review and revise!

We hope this helps you with planning and understanding time frames, please feel free to reach out if you have ANY questions.

Example Jobs with Estimates

Here's a run down of what we are seeing with clients based on them needing to revise during the review and accept.

Complexity: Low
Examples: Broadcast, Import (not needing vlookups), Update to Email(s) in a campaign

Request: Hey team, can you send out my broadcast and here's all the wording, subject, date I want it sent, list of people to send it to and all my awesome images!?

No Revisions: 2-3 Business Days

With Revisions: 3-5 business days

Reasoning: If you have all the info above, a broadcast will  take 2-3 business days to complete. That's because we need to build it, then you need to approve it and then we schedule it! The more information you have already prepared the quicker it will be.

Complexity: Medium

Examples: Landing Pages, Forms, Simple Campaigns

Request: Hey team, can you please setup a lead capture form on our website and have it send out the attached 3 emails once filled out. 

No Revisions: 3-5 business days

With Revisions: 5-7 business days

Reasoning: Campaigns can be relative simple or quite complex, depending on the requirements. Regardless of the complexity, all campaigns will need review, testing and launching. Even if the campaign is 'simple' they typically take 3-5 days, providing you have all the email wording, survey questions, and time to review set aside.

Complexity: High

Examples: Multi-Step Funnels, Large Campaigns based on emails or involving 3rd Party Integrations

Request: Please create a full funnel including Landing Page, Automated bookings, the 5 emails,....

No Revisions: 5 business days

With Revisions: 5-10 business days

Reasoning: Campaigns become complex when you begin to have multiple responses based on behaviour, number of emails, and introduction of 3rd party integrations as the testing begins to take more time then the actual building of the campaign .