Not sure on what to submit next?

We recommend starting with the 6 Point Basic Infusionsoft Application Audit!

Simply copy and paste this template into the request so it's easy to follow and we get as much info as possible to be able to start working on it soon.

You can delete any of the points below that you DO NOT want us to work on for you!


Job Type: Maintenance

Job Title:  Conduct an Infusionsoft Application Audit

Job Description:

Please conduct a 6 Point Basic Infusionsoft Application Audit, my information is included below:

1. User details (provide for each user)

As new users get added, it's important to check and make sure that their physical address is accurate.  Do you have multiple offices? Does each user's profile have the correct details about their location?

This is important because the contact owner merge fields draw from these user values!


First Name:

Last Name:

Email Address:


Phone Number:

Address (if different from the Company Address below):

2. Your Company Address

If you company moves, you probably have dozens of places that you need to update that information.  It's really easy to overlook a few of them in Infusionsoft.

Street Address 1:

Street Address 2:




Post Code:

3. Email Address Block

The address block is required for CAN-Spam compliance, it's the address that appears in tiny writing at the bottom of all your emails.  Because it appears on every email, you may want to use a different address here than elsewhere.

For example, if you work from home, you may not want your home address listed in all of your emails, so you may use a different address.


Street Address 1:

Street Address 2:




Post Code:


Layout: One line or Multi Line

4. Remove Unnecessary Test Contacts


Often there will be a bunch of Test Contacts in your application from when you may have been testing web forms and landing pages!  They don't do any harm for your application, but can pile up if we don't clear them out occasionally!

Pro-Tip: In the future when you are testing, be sure to use names that are easy to locate, like Batman or Mickey Mouse!

Please Remove Unnecessary Test Contacts

5. Update my Branding Center Defaults

It's easy to forget to update your branding center defaults as your logo or brand colours change.  If your logo or branding has changed get us to do the update for you!

Attach your new logo to this job request.

6. Clean-Up and Rename Company Files and Images

When you upload images to Infusionsoft, very few people take the time to give it a naming convention that will be helpful 6 months down the road.  Let us go back and rename your files and images, so that you can find what you need more quickly.

Please Clean-Up and Rename my Company Files and Images