What makes a good Project Brief?

When submitting a project, there are certain details that, if are always are provided, will give the highest probability of getting started as soon as possible.

Below are the details which we recommend always providing.  Basically please make sure to take the time in the beginning to send us as much detail and context as possible.

In the end, taking the time, in the beginning, will save days to a project's deliverable.

Below we have provided the details and explanations for the fields when creating a new job request.

Context and Description

Provide a bit of context about the project. The more details you provide, the better.  

We also say provide us with the Why and the What, we will work out the How.  

Why? (You)

Why does the client need this project done? Give a little high level on why this is important to the client.

What? (You)

What is the trigger to start it? What is the end result supposed to look like?  

How? (We got this part)

We will take the Why and the What and translate that into HubSpot.  

Unless you have a specific way you need something implemented, generally the team will come up with how the solution should be built and ask any questions needed to drive out specifics.

Context Example (Why):

Our client is a t-shirt design business for YouTubers. We are looking to grow our list by offering a free downloadable about 'Top 10 ways to make money on YouTube'.

Description Example (What):

Please create a popup lead capture on our website to download the attached "10 ways" ebook. We will then nurture the prospect through a series of 5 emails. The final email is a sales email with links to our shop and how to open an account with us.

Please see the link to a google doc for copy.

How to best fill out the fields in a Project Brief:

  • Project Title: Your request title should be a few words describing the request. i.e. "How do I add a payment" or "Campaign XXXX is broken"

  • Project Description: 
    • Context is EVERYTHING. Remember we are not in the room with you so providing a bit of context around why you need this done can really help sometimes.
    • Goal of Project: What is the actual goal of the project? This is part of the context, and sometimes we can even provide feedback on better ways that can be achieved when provided.

    • Triggers: What kicks this off? Is it a form submission, a property change being applied, a Landing Page filled out...?

    • Outcome: Make sure you are clear on the outcome so we can provide you with an accurate schedule or a quick resolution. If a workflow, what is the end goal of the campaign. What will make the workflow finish?

    • Questions: Are you not clear on how something would work? Please feel free to ask questions about how we would build anything.
  • Deadline: Let us know if you have a deadline or a specific time frame you need the work completed (maybe a hard launch date with a client)

    We can't guarantee that we will be able to complete the project by this deadline. However, we will do our best to take the deadline into consideration when we are scheduling your project.

  • Copy/Content: Please attach any files or URL to any document containing the copy for any emails, landing pages, or SMS.

    TIP: It's a good idea to have the copy prewritten, if they are not, your delivery date for the project is typically extended 1 or 2 business days as we will need to re-test after updating any content.

  • Attachments: Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure you attach any supporting documentation that would help us solve your request ASAP.


  • Let us know what priority it places in your projects. At the bottom of the brief, you can add Priority 1, 2, or 3. Priority 1 is the most important.

    You can have multiple tickets under each priority and we will only move to priority 2 or 3 once all requests in higher priorities have been solved.

  • We will also ask for the next priorities as we close projects and move to the next.


  • Is this preventing your business from running and needs to be solved ASAP? For example, a website or landing page down...or a workflow is broken and going to the wrong segment of clients?

  • If you have an URGENT item (not a request for a change), add URGENT to the subject line and that will trigger the team to investigate as soon as possible.

    We typically are back to you within an hour to update you on the next steps.

    Note: A URGENT will stop all other work and we will focus all our resources on fixing the issue for you. Can NOT guarantee a timeline we can get it done, but we will prioritize it.

Example Project Briefs

Project Briefs