1. Do you need us to design and build?

  2. Content: What is the copy for the email(s)?

    Note: If you don’t have a copy and need us to use Lorem Ipsum as a placeholder, please let us know the amount of text for each section in the template

  3. Images: can you please send these as separate files and in high-resolution?

  4. Logo: Do you have a high-resolution version of the logo for us to include?
    Note: Only if applicable. If the logo already exists in HubSpot, then you don't need to send it again. Also, if the navigation menu global module has already been built into the HubSpot account we don't need you to send the logo.

  5. Branding: What are your branding guidelines?
    Note: You can provide the file. If you do not have branding guidelines, please provide us with fonts, colour codes and styles.

  6. References: Do you or your client have any references for emails that you like so we can use as inspiration?

  7. Format: Do you need this (these) template(s) to be drag & drop? Or HTML?

  8. CTAs: Do you need us to add any CTAs? Should we create these or can we use any existent one in HubSpot?

  9. Personalisation: What personalised content do you need us to include? Any tokens?