1. Content: Do you have existent content on this HubSpot account?

  2. TYP: Do you need us to build a thank you page as well?

  3. Copy: What is the copy of the landing page and thank you page?

  4. Design: Can you please send us the AI/PSD files or give us access to Figma/Invision?
    Note: If you are sharing an AI or PSD file, make sure we have full visibility of the file.

  5. Forms and CTAs: What forms or CTAs should we include on the page?
    Note: Please provide the copy and fields that should be included

  6. Goal: What is the purpose of the landing page?

  7. Files: Should we add a file to the LP or TYP?

  8. Campaign: Should the LP or TYP be added to a HubSpot campaign?