1. Conversation: What is the flow of the chatbot?
    Note: We highly recommend using Lucidchart or Miro to show us all the options for the how the chat flow should work. 

  2. Q&As: What are the questions and answers we should include?

  3. References: Do you have any chat flow examples that you like and you've seen on other websites? If yes, please share the links od these websites with us. 

  4. Notifications: Who should be notified?

  5. Schedule meetings: If there is the option to book a meeting in the flow, who’s meeting link should we use?

  6. Location: Where should this chatbot appear? On all pages of your site?

  7. Name: How should we call this chatbot?

  8. Icon: What icon/picture should we use?

  9. Settings: Do you want us to use the default setting options? Or if there is anything in specific you need us to modify?