1. Design: Do you need us to design the blog listing and blog post pages?

  2. Build: Do you need us to build the templates in HubSpot?

  3. References: Can you please provide examples or wireframes on how you would like these templates to look?
    Note: This is for us to use as inspiration when designing and building. 

  4. Migration: Do you need us to do a blog migration from another CMS?

  5. Links: Do you need us to migrate the URL as well?

  6. Posts: How many blog posts should we migrate?

  7. Images: Can you please send these as separate files in high resolution?

  8. Logo: Can you please send us a high-resolution logo file?

  9. Branding: What are your branding guidelines? 
    Note: You can provide the file. If you do not have branding guidelines, please provide us with fonts, colour codes and styles.

  10. Blog categories: Do you need us to set up categories?