Design Details (if you are providing design)

  1. Design Documents (Required): Please send us the AI/PSD/AdobeXD/Figma

  2. Design System (Recommended): If possible and for better guidance when providing us with designs, we suggest also supplying a design system for our developers to understand better how each of the pages should be built.
    Please see the examples attached below.

Brief Details

  1. Templates: How many templates should we build? And what templates do you need?

  2. Logo: Can you please send us a high-resolution logo and images?

  3. Images: Are you using a naming convention for images?

  4. Branding and Style Guide: Please share with us branding guidelines. Or let us know color codes, fonts, and styles.

  5. References: Do you have a reference that we can use as a guide or inspiration?

  6. Naming: Do you need us to use a name convention for the templates?

  7. Update: Do we need to update any existing content with this new template?

  8. QA: Below you will find listed the standard screen resolutions we test, if you would like to add others, please specify:
    • 1920×1080 (Large Desktop)
    • 1366×768 (Desktop)
    • 768×1024 (Tablet)
    • 414×816 (Mobile)