When it comes to building websites, we have concluded that there are different kinds of expectations from our clients on what they expect we deliver. 

Of course, we will ALWAYS deliver websites in a timely matter (between 25 to 35 business days) but also on high-quality standards and for these to be user-friendly so clients are able to manage and administrate the building of the website. 

But what determines a pixel-perfect client?

A Pixel Perfect client is defined when they are requesting pages built to be as close as possible to design, not only on structure but more specifically on the spacing between elements (measured in pixels), size of images or icons, and fonts sizes. 

This measurement also needs to be precise on the 4 resolutions we deliver as default, which are the following:

  • 1920x1080 (Large Desktop)
  • 1366x768 (Desktop)
  • 768x1024 (Tablet)
  • 414x768 (Mobile)

Note: If you need us to build for a resolution different from the above, you will need to provide the design for that specific resolution so we know how it will be structured and distributed.

How can OTF build a pixel perfect website?

In order for us to build a website under the strict standards of Pixel Perfect, we need to have the design on any of the following platforms: